A couple of months ago I wrote about how much I enjoy that my kids are enjoying running. On that occasion I’d been joined by my son at parkrun. This week I had been planning on attempting to better my summer course PB at Pocket. I’d missed the past two weeks on the Summer course. Then out of the blue both my son and 5yr old daughter told me on Friday night they wanted to come. As I said last time, I’m never going to dampen their enthusiasm. I registered for my daughter’s barcode but deep down thought she’d probably change her mind over night.

This morning however she was still eager to go, despite of the rain, so off we headed. It was the 50th run at Pocket and we also got the great news a start date for the Junior event in town has been confirmed. The kids are definitely looking forward to that. Then it was time to go.

Hand in Hand and still smiling with 500m to go

Now I’ll admit I was a little apprehensive as my daughter hasn’t always embraced running. There have been instances of years and tantrums (and that is just me!) when we have gone out at her request before. However, I needn’t have feared as she was a trooper, jogging almost the whole way. With her brother encouraging as well I was so proud of them both. We got a lot of smiles from some great marshals and I was so happy tonight when one was able to share some photos on Facebook of me and the kids running.

At the end her smile was still from ear to ear and she was already asking, “when we next come….”

Still smiling with 1st ever parkrun token

If you ever get the chance to run with your kids I say take it. It is such a rewarding feeling seeing them enjoy it, a million times better even than getting that PB!

Some random stats from this morning’s run:

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