Tonight I had the pleasure of attending the annual St Neots Round Table presentation evening. Over the last couple of years I have been able to join them as they have done their yearly Santa Sleigh, going around town collecting funds for local charities and organisations. This includes the School PTA that I am chair of.

However, what made me happiest this year was to see that a lot of the funds raised, as well as going to those charities that supported during December, will be going to purchase a new defibrillator to get the new local Junior parkrun up and running. My 6yr old has already done Pocket parkrun with me a couple of times. I am sure all three kids will love having a Junior parkrun on their doorstep. This final step was all that was holding the event back!

Out with Father Christmas and The Round Table during Storm Deidre

The guys in the Round Table need so much praise in my opinion. I did two runs with them this last Christmas. This included the run that went on during Storm Deidre. Just check out my Strava track below to see the distance walked up and down streets in the rain! That day the Round Table had received some negative comments across Facebook. I was proud to be out with them despite the weather and these views, just to see the kids faces as we brought Santa to them. To now find that this has helped raise money for an event that will help the towns kids (and if placed in situ help the town as a whole) made every raindrop worth it!

If anyone reading this ever has the opportunity to help out on a Round Table Santa Sleigh, I would wholeheartedly suggest you take part. Not only to raise money but more importantly have a great time!

By Mike

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