It’s been a slightly uneventful past couple of running weeks for me. I’ve managed to knock off some good mileage over Easter weekend and also another parkrun although not near PB time. This weekend though it was time to give back and do a volunteering slot at Pocket parkrun.

I’ve volunteered once before and I am always so grateful for the marshals as I run round each week. In my mind at least one volunteer per 10 runs seems a fair amount. Next run will be number 20. The advantage I had was that my in-laws are staying with us so I am able to go out for longer without feeling guilty. If I run I can be out from my wife and kids for just over 30mins as the run is on my doorstep. Volunteering means a bit longer but is worth it.

Overcast and windy, quite glad not to be running!

Having answered the call for volunteers on Facebook during the week, I decided to look on Friday night what job I was done for. However, I’d been missed off the roster! Knowing they’d never turn down help I knew I’d still head down for the 8.30 meet. But, seeing the photographer slot was empty, thought I’d take my camera just in case.

I rocked up and they were grateful for the offer so I started to snap away as the runners assembled. I had a good idea in my mind as to where I wanted to base myself. There is a bridge on the course and I didn’t think anyone had taken shots from there before. I felt it would frame well though. Fortunately for me there was someone out running on the course who wasn’t parkrunning so I was able to setup perfectly.

Before I knew it the runners were flowing through and the camera was clicking away. Over 300 shots later and the tail walkers passed me and it was time to pack up. I have to admit my eyes felt a bit funny having been staring through a view finder for so long but I felt really good for having been able to support again and in a really enjoyable role. If you haven’t volunteered at parkrun, you really should!

The full album can be found here on the Pocket parkrun Facebook page!

By Mike

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