parkrun Terminology

Whilst I am no über tourist or a member of any parkrun clubs yet, I do often fall in to the habit of using certain parkrun phrases. So to help out, as and when I use them, I’ve put below some helpful definitions of what they mean.

Several of these are linked to the great plugin for chrome and Firefox.

  • Wilson Index – Every parkrun has an event number. The idea of the Wilson Index is to create as long a string of consecutive events numbers as possible. They don’t have to be done at the same event or even in order so gives a small additional challenge when considering parkrun tourism.
  • Alphabet Challenge – A simple challenge really. Cross off the letters of the alphabet that the parkruns you have run start with.
  • Stopwatch Bingo – Every time you do a parkrun you obviously get a time. The aim of this challenge is to finish for every second between 00-59. Unlike some tourist challenges, this one can’t really be planned as you never know if your watch is fully aligned with the timers.
  • NENDY – Nearest Event Not Done Yet. This is the closest parkrun to your home address that you haven’t yet run at. Personally, with a run on my doorstep and three kids, I haven’t explored much of my local area but I do factor in my NENDY from my in-laws house as I tourist there.
  • P-index – This is the highest number where you have done x parkrun x times. Eg. If you have done at least two different parkruns at least twice your score is 2.

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