It’s been 4 weeks since Pocket parkrun returned to the Summer course. With my summer PB about a minute slower than my winter one, I was desperate to give it a crack. However, after two weeks away and then another two running with my son and daughter, I was getting itchy feet. That said, if my kids want to run then that will always come 1st for me as I think it’s so important to breed a fit and healthy mentality.

This week my daughter had asked to run again (her big brother can’t for a couple of weeks while he recovers from a small op). Then just as we were about to leave she changed her mind. Preferring to do drawing with her Grandma. Suddenly targeting my PB was on.

Now, given the sun was bright in the sky and temperatures were already pushing 20C, a sensible strategy would have been to ease into the run. Unfortunately sensible pacing strategies and me often don’t go together! Cue a fastest ever 1km and then 1m on Strava.

By the 4th KM I was seriously struggling with the pace and was just holding on. Therefore crossing with a watch time of 21.48 was pleasing. It’s still just behind my winter PB but is a new summer one as targeted.

I did miss running with the kids this week but it was nice to open it up and next time, I just need to remember to go slow to go fast!

Some random stats:

  • 23rd parkrun
  • 18th run at Pocket parkrun

By Mike

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