Recently I was watching a short running documentary on YouTube. In it one guy mentions how, as a kid, he asked a friend when does his Daddy run because it is so normal a behaviour for him. It’s well worth a watch. I really hope with my own kids I’m able to normalise running in the same way.

My eldest, who is six, did a couple of Pocket parkruns with me last summer. Then this morning surprised me when, out of the blue, he asked to come this morning. Never one to discourage the enthusiasm we were soon both headed down to run.

Time for a pre-parkrun selfie!

This week was a girl guides takeover and bit felt like quite a good turnout with plenty of other under 11s within an arms reach of their responsible parent.

We were soon on our way, trying to pace it just right so my son didn’t tire too quickly. Just like last week when I got my good PB, conditions felt good but the main aim today was just to keep on going. The girl guide volunteers were great giving high 5s to my son the whole way round and we finished in a time just over 43mins. Given he’d not done it in a long time we were both quite happy. Now he’s all ready to carry on training so he can run the whole way. What’s more he is really looking forward to the upcoming Junior parkrun, now that is one step closer!

I’ll probably go out for another run on my own later. But for now am so proud of my kids who are loving running (even the youngest who only just turned 3 loves coming for a run!).

Some random stats:

  • 15th parkrun in total (3rd for my son)
  • 12th parkrun at Pocket
  • Knocked 04 off on Stopwatch Bingo (13/60)

Do your kids run? Let me know in comments!

By Mike

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