I have written before about how, whilst I liked the idea of parkrun, I couldn’t see the point in driving 20mins to take part. Then 12 months ago that all changed. Pocket parkrun started up right on my doorstep. Since then I have managed to run the course 19 times, 4 times with kids and last week we saw the town’s junior parkrun start up. Now I’m hooked.

Today saw the event celebrate it’s 1st birthday and of course I was there to start year 2.

After a week of heavy rain there were real fears that they may have to cancel for the first time. With parts of the course flooded during the week it wasn’t looking good but thankfully after a few dry hours the course was drying out and parkrun was on.

After a welcome from the town crier (and an explanation to my friend as to why he was there) it was time to get started. On the trail parts of the course it was a bit slippery under foot but not as bad as I feared it would be and I was able to keep a good pace. If anything it was easier than in the heavy rain of last week and my time did bear this out. I also got the opportunity to use my early Fathers Day present from the kids with a new parkrun flat band.

Tomorrow we’ll be back at Junior parkrun and here is to the next year of Pocket parkrun!

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