I’ve written several times about how much I love that my kids have embraced running. The older two have both done Pocket parkrun with me. However, we were missing a Junior parkrun from St Neots.

Today though, after months of planning from the core team, Riverside Junior parkrun began. After yesterday’s parkrun where I was soaked to the bone (fitting given there was a takeover from a local triathlon club). Today was much more pleasant with beautiful sunshine.

My eldest is still recovering from an operation and the youngest can’t yet get a barcode as he is only 3, so I headed up with my daughter. It was great to see so many other kids there and after a quick warm up we were off to do the two lap course. She did great, not stopping once and finishing in a time of 13.36, not bad for a 5yr old!

Next week is the 1st birthday of Pocket parkrun and I so pleased that we now have two of these great events in our town.

By Mike

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