So as I sit here writing this, I should have been on my way to Old Trafford. I’d have been picking up my race number, dropping my bag and then been ready to run my first ever marathon. The weather looks good and the crowds would have probably been huge.

However, as we all know, in these uncertain times of lockdown and quarantine, there is no race. It has been an odd 2 or 3 weeks though from a running point of view.

It was only 4 weeks ago that I did my longest run as part of my training plan. At that time I was fearful of my races being cancelled, but I was still training on the assumption they wouldn’t. Then I developed a cough, missed a couple of days training and then the news was official, first London and then Manchester were postponed. Straight away I knew I would still run them but I have struggled with the motivation since.

My last long run was not too shy of 35km and this is what I have managed in total in the 4 weeks since. I think my body needed the rest and I needed to recover from the cough I had but I do find myself now occasionally getting annoyed at myself. While training I would wake at 5am, go for my run and be done for the day. In the past 4 weeks where I have been working from home and then since earlier this week, been on furlough, bed has been a much more appealing option. But, with 3 kids and trying to keep socially distant, I don’t feel as comfortable heading out for a run during the day.

I guess the key thing is that with London on October 4th (assuming this virus starts to wane in time), and having decided to defer Manchester to next year. I do have time until I need to up training again. Right now I just need to find my mojo again.

By Mike

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