The parkrun gods have been quite kind to me so far this year. Whilst I don’t do much travelling back home (it’s hard to justify a drive when there is a start line 2mins away), I do love visiting a few more parkruns when at my in-laws. Earlier in the year Storthes Hall parkrun started less than 5 miles from their house. This easily made it my NENDY in-law. Then last month, while I was trying out Rothwell, my NENDY in-law changed again. Penistone started up, again less than 5 miles from their house.

As we were up for the Bank Holiday weekend, I knew where I was headed for my weekly 5km. This time I was joined by my brother and his wife who now live in Leeds.

This was only the 4th run at Penistone so there were a lot there for the first timers briefing. This was also where the gods have been smiling on me. Not only have these two events started this year, they have fallen perfectly for me to extend my Wilson Index. First to 3 and then again to 4. I’m not necessarily “chasing” my index but it is an added bonus!

The course itself was quite simple. Up first, and very similar to the winter course we have been running at Pocket, was a lap around the grass field. Unlike Pocket though, there was a bit of a hill and the grass was quite long and energy sapping. Then it was on to the Trans Pennine trail. I was expecting the route to more of a muddy trail. Fortunately for speed it was hard packed and perfect for running. It was approx 2km out and then turn to come back. It was the first non-lap parkrun I’ve done so was nice to see my brother and his wife as I headed in the opposite direction. There is a slight slope so the return is downhill and I was able to pick up my fastest splits coming home.

At the end of the trail it was then back into the original park, round the grass again and to the finish line. Recently I’ve been struggling for speed so was ok with my time of 22:19. My brother had already finished so once his wife was done as well it was time to head home.

Again it was great to do some parkrun tourism and I look forward to my next outing. If nothing else, a new run has been started this year close to the holiday home we go to. Another case of parkrun smiling on me!

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