Well that was certainly windy today!

It was a slightly strange start to the day. I had fully intended on doing parkrun. It would have been my first one since my 1yr anniversary of my 1st. That said, I could seen it was going to be another hard one with the wind.

I was all ready to go when we had one of those mini-emergencies that all parents of young children will know about. By the time we were sorted, the run would have already started.

The problem I had was I was all psyched up for a run. What to do? Fortunately we have my sister in law staying with us this weekend. We had already talked about heading up to Grafham water with the kids. What I have started doing there is putting the elder two on their bikes and I run alongside. A great workout!

However, it quickly became apparent that with the strong winds they were struggling to cycle. Therefore, we turned back to get them something to eat at the cafe. I still had energy to burn so it was at this point I made the decision I’d run home. The run from Grafham is one I’ve been wanting to try for some time. Off I then headed while the rest drove home.

Now had I been going the other way it would have been easy. Instead I was headed straight towards the wind. With very little shelter in our part of the world, it was hard! Half the time it barely felt like you were moving.

I had been concerned I would get a little lost taking the paths through the fields. Fortunately I quickly realised I was sat on National Cycle Network Route 12 so could helpfully follow those signs.

As a route it was lovely and I’m sure I will do it again but by the time I got to St Neots I was shattered. That said, knowing I now have another run in my armoury is a big plus, especially as I know that this can easily be linked into a lap of the lake at Grafham when I get back into half training.

Were you out in the wind this morning? Let me know in comments!

By Mike

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