Turkey is one of the most popular holiday destinations for UK holidaymakers with many heading towards Marmaris. Fortunately I was able to visit Marmaris a couple of times in recent years and as always my trainers came with me. But where is best too run if you are in this part of the Mediteranean?

I have always found running in Marmaris easy, thanks to the promenade that runs its entire length. Running all the way from Marmaris Marina through to end of Icmeler Beach, this promenade gives you a full 9km of good quality running surface. I have actually found promenades several times when running in Turkey that have always made life easier.

As long as you are happy with an out and back route, you can pretty much do any distance you want without getting lost.

When I stayed here I was staying in the Orka Lotus Beach. Outside of the main part of Marmaris, as you head to Icmeler, the hotel is ideally placed right on to the promenade. When I was here I was still relatively early into my running resurgence which, coupled with a long day ahead, meant that whilst I got up for a beautiful sunrise, I headed towards Icmeler which is only a 2km stretch each way. You may assume that as a promenade it would be flat all the way but as the path follows the coast, it does undulate quite a bit between Marmaris and Icmeler. Unfortunately since I was there much of the beautiful forest was destroyed by fire although I have been told it is starting to come back. The stretch along the sea front in Marmaris itself is a bit flatter as I have walked that as well in the past.

If you are in Marmaris and wanting a run then my suggestion would be to head straight for the sea, then turn left or right and use this promenade.

Sunrise over the Marmaris Promenade

If you have done this route yourself, or have any questions, then please do leave a comment below!

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